Daniel Lankilde

What does it take to teach computers human behaviour? Daniel Langkilde has been working in the field of machine learning since his early teens, building his first robot in high school. That brought him first to MIT for research projects and then on to Chalmers where he received an M.Sc. in Engineering Mathematics. After graduation he spent time as a Visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley focused on machine learning on large datasets. Next he spent over 4 years at Recorded Future, a threat intelligence company with strong ties to US intelligence community. At Recorded Future he began as Machine Learning Engineer and ended up responsible for Collection & Analysis, i.e. getting data into the system and figuring out what it means. Since 2018 he is the co-founder and CPO at Annotell, a startup focused on producing high quality training data with clients such as Zenuity, Volvo Group, Scania and Veoneer.